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Design Your Paper Bag – Paper Bag is a simple bag made from paper. The paper used can be thick paper, hard cover paper, manila paper, rainbow paper, calendar paper, cardboard paper and other types of paper. The important thing is that the paper is thick and not easily torn. For this reason, many functions of Paper Bag are loved. It’s simpler and more modern when carried than using a plastic bag.


Custom Paper Bag is the main thing to think about carefully. Because the use of packaging with haphazard ingredients can have a negative impact on ourselves and food itself. Paper bag itself is made to think about our concern for the environment. Not just food packaging, as a substitute for plastic bags, you should no longer use plastic-based materials.


Our company always uses quality materials for making paper bags, so the quality of the products we produce can satisfy your needs


Kami menyediakan layanan khusus, yang bebas memilih desain sesuai keinginan Anda


By using the services of our company, we will help you in devising the right strategy so that the products you sell can later be recognized by the public


We can recommend the right color choices for you, so that the products you sell can later be recognized by the wider community, or you are also free to choose the color according to your wishes

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Temapack Indonesian

Temapack is one brand that is created by PT Alliance Temprina Real Graphic , which has been known by the public as a manufacturer of printing such as books, tabloids, magazines, newspapers and the Koran. Supported by professional workers, quality of raw materials and high-tech machinery, we are constantly innovating to obtain top quality products. Mempuni quality control makes us always just create premium quality products. We are aware of quality products, loyal to the customer, timely deliver a positive impact to the existence of the company, up to now our factory located in 9 Cities of Java and Bali.


Since 2003

Our Mission
  • Providing Quality, Timely and Number of product services and providing product safety guarantees to Customers.
  • Improve Communication in building synergies with various parties that are sustainable and mutually beneficial to the business.
  • Forming human resources with integrity, professionalism, quality and high dedication for the achievement of company growth.
Our Vision

Being a shoping bag & paper bag printing company that excels and puts forward innovation and becomes a proud national asset.

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Consult your immediate needs regarding paper bags to us. we will be ready to always serve and provide the best quality for you, because our main goal is to prioritize satisfaction to customers

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